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a commitment to social justice 

Our social justice forum at work.

Rondebosch United Church has a proud history of seeking social justice in our community. Our congregation has a large number of leaders and actors involved in social justice work, both in their professional and personal lives. They are our ‘members in action’ as we strive to hear, hold, love and enfold those around us who are in need, and to speak out as advocates where appropriate.

“Blessed are You, O God of all creation, through whom we have this bread to eat and wine to drink…”

But so many of our neighbours around the Cape Peninsula have no bread to eat nor other gifts of body, heart and mind through which to bless themselves or those around them. On the contrary, they are in many different ways abused, deprived, dependent and often desperate.

RUC ministries and projects reach out to engage with these neighbours and fellow children of God, to share with them the wide range of gifts and blessings given and accessible to our church and its members, and which are so badly needed in our communities. We encourage anyone and everyone to share in this humanly essential and truly Christ-like work.


a painting by Vulisango Mtshikwana

Remembering Marikana.

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