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The Team

Church Emails and Hall Rentals: Kate Laburn Peart

Facilities Manager: Vulisango Mtshikwana

Minister: Robert Steiner

Church Council Secretary: Russell Davies

Church Council: Russell Davies, Robert Steiner, Fazel Ockhuys, Heidi Segal, Beryl Botman, Helen Shaw, Henry du Plessis, Aristide Akimana, Sue Smith, Annette Newmarch, Siks Mabhanga, Erika Williams

Organist: Willem Luitingh

Holy Circus Co-ordinator: Robert Steiner

Youth Co-ordinator: Aristide Akimana and Six Mabhanga

Young Adults Co-ordinator: Selina Palm

Treasurer: Brian Davison

Pledge Scheme Secretary and Databank Administrator: Marie Iversen

Property Stewart: Jacques Matthee

Social Justice Forum Co-ordinator: Heidi Segal

Masazane Soup Kitchen Co-ordinators:

Judy Cooke and Kate Laburn-Peart

Creation Care Co-ordinator: Nicki Sasman

Prayer Circle Co-ordinator: Judy Cooke

Flower Roster Co-ordinator: Kathrin Krause

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