our welcome statement

Celebrating Holy Communion.

We, as a diverse body of believers and seekers, aspiring to live in the light and love of God in Christ, do affirm:

that every person has worth as a special and unique creation made in God's image; that in the Spirit of love, openness and inclusiveness we welcome everybody to participate fully in all aspects of our Church's life and ministry, whatever their age, class, ability, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or nationality; that as agents of reconciliation and wholeness we embrace justice for all and seek to support all who suffer discrimination or who are excluded from their communities; that in the light of the Gospel we will continue to comprehend and appreciate more fully our diverse backgrounds and gifts, that through grace our love for God and neighbour may flourish. ​


(The statement comes from our partner congregation the First Congregational Church of Berkley in California. It was adopted at one of our church meetings and continues to guide the mission and vision of our congregation.)