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Starting in the middle of January weekly classes will be held Mondays from 6:30pm to 8:00pm in our church hall.

There will be no fees for the weekly sessions. But Erika would welcome a donation to

RUC’s soup kitchen in Mbekweni.


Please contact Erika directly to book a place:


WhatsApp: 076 929 5990



Erika Lencsés has been practicing yoga for more than 26 years. She teaches yoga to all who want to find their inner peace and learn to accept and enjoy themselves. She teaches various age groups from kids to seniors.

She studied different types of yoga in India, Europe, and Australia. She has qualified as an international yoga teacher in Rishikesh in 1999. Since than she completed the Satyananda Yoga Academy that is 4 years long and gives a deep understanding of oneself and teaching yoga. She believes that yoga is a never ending journey and one can always find out more about oneself and others, no matter what age.

She has vast experience with yoga for women; yoga for breast cancer survivors; yoga for different injuries and healing after injuries; yoga for trauma survivors, helping to overcome depression/anxiety or just to do yoga for fun! 


She has an MA-s in sociology/social work and social policy, deals with homeopathy and is qualified in psychodrama techniques. Her gentle, practical, and holistic approach towards life and others also shapes her yoga classes. Her aspiration is to cultivate in students a keen awareness of the inner and transcendent aspects of yoga as well as its physical benefits. "Practicing yoga and learning about yourself is like entering a big dark room and turning the lights on one by one." Sw.Niranjanananda

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