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building community

Let him who cannot be alone beware of community… Let him who is not in community beware of being alone… Each by itself has profound perils and pitfalls. One who wants fellowship without solitude plunges into the void of words and feelings, and the one who seeks solitude without fellowship perishes in the abyss of vanity, self-infatuation and despair.’ - Dieter Bonhoeffer, Life Together

The church has numerous opportunities for congregants to get to know one another. We are always happy to support new small group initiatives which will strengthen our sense of being in community with each other. Some groups are more contemplative, others more action orientated, some more inward and others more outward looking. We keep working towards a healthy balance between contemplation and action, between solitutde and community.

Please speak to our minister if you would like to learn more about any of the following groups centered around:

bible study, contemplative prayer, worship, marimbas, social justice, creation care, restitution, mentoring young adults,  Advent and Lent, and our prayer circle.

In the past we had various workshops on story-telling,  tango & relationship, clowning, self-defence, and how to pray our farewells. 

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