death & dying

Crossing the Creek by Michael Holmes

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General resources recommend by Peter Fox:


Preparing for end of life conversation


Dying Checklist


Mortality Quotations


Care of the Dying and Overcoming the Denial of Death (Marius Brand)


Death file (Peter Fox)


Difficult Questions (Peter Fox)


Advanced Care Directive Form



Info on Jewish and Muslim services of support 

CJSA services include ensuring that seniors are kept as active participants of the community, being part of the community instead of being apart from the community in which they live.

There are branches in Sea Point, Milnerton and Wynberg providing services such as outings, entertainment, exercises, yoga, craft and meals each day.  We also offer counselling services to those who need it as well as social work services and home visits when requested.  We also have satellite branches in Tableview and Muizenberg which offer the same services  on a weekly basis.  Enquires can be directed to or 021 434 9691.

Muslim communities are organised around the mosques, of which there are over 300 in Cape Town., coordinated by  Muslim Judicial Council  (MJC)

These are run by Mosque committees who appoint Imams to run affairs of community.

Mainly their task is to perform all the rituals around prayers, fasting, pilgrimage, and all the rites of passage from birth , marriage to death and burial.

Their counselling for families facing terminal illness , death and bereavement, is more to do with invoking the Qur’an scriptures, and holding prayers sessions before and after persons death.

These Quran readings and prayer sessions are done with families, friends, and in congregation, which provides great source of comfort, and solace to families

Care agencies working with terminally ill 


Assist U Services is a husband and wife team that provides a companion driver service in order to assist the elderly or persons requiring accompanied assistance in getting to and from all Medical/ Hospital/Doctor/ Dentist /Oncology  appointments, as well as shopping requirements.

Peter and Bronwen Wetton

072 2885 339


“Chariot Health is a unique collaborative healthcare platform allowing independent medical practitioners the opportunity to provide personalised healthcare treatment to vulnerable patients in the comfort of environments of the patients’ choosing. Our coordinated team approach, utilising the best practitioners available provide comfort, ease anxiety, keep the patient and their families well informed through our case coordinator, if necessary provide the framework for advanced care planning, and most of all, afford patients the dignity they deserve.”  

Dr Cameron Bruce, Founder 


Paedspal is a public/private partnership, an NGO working with children with life-threatening and life-limiting illnesses. We currently offer support mainly to children from Red Cross but we also support at other hospitals and institutions, offering medical care, and psychosocial care. The latter will be increased from 2020 with the No One Journeys Alone programme which will be offering supportive companionship to children who are either entirely alone or almost alone in hospital; and to parents who are battling more than normal, to be available to their child.  These patients will be drawn from our existing patients. I am contactable at or 072 732 3250




The purchasing of Wreed en Mooi is die Dood/Verhale oor verlies, hunkering en heling , compiled by Tobie Wiese can be done It's the same as with any other book you want -- ask your bookseller or shop. If it's not in stock s/he can order it for you. OR order from

Peter Fox and  Sue  Wood--Dying the practical guide for the Journey published by Double Stoery /Juta in 2005 is now out of print but copies can be tracked on line 


Counsellors/Therapists /Grief and Loss 


Hilary McLea 

B.Soc.Sc Social Work (UCT), MSW (UWC)

Loss, Grief & Trauma

 Counsellor & Trainer

No 31, Greenwood  Road, Claremont, 7708



Jade Maxwell Newton and Cath Rackstraw work in private practice in Claremont and are registered counsellors with the Council for Counsellors in South Africa. Jade and Cath bring a wealth of experience to their clients and work with individuals or families who have experienced or may be experiencing: Trauma, Bereavement, Loss, Health Complications, Adjustment Challenges, Relationship Challenges.

 302 Heritage House,

  • 20 Dreyer Street,

  • Claremont, Cape Town

Jade: +27 83 344 0245

Cath: +27 78 091 1502




Mary Ryan 

Roman Catholic Womanpriest / Soul Midwife / Educator 

072 4805021

021 4470080


If you need any support from the Soul Carers, please contact 

Leigh Meinert 082 4084525 or Brenda Bell 072 0911529


From the Open Table, please contact 

Sarah Rule 083 4482663 or Ann Ralston 082 5072766


 Lesley Palmer 

is an HPCSA registered Creative Arts Therapist, Play Therapist and Family Constellations facilitator. Her area of specialism is in child and adolescent grief, and children living with terminal illness.  Lesley also works with adults, where her creative approach to therapy holds a valuable space ‘beyond words’, which are not always accessible in grief. Lesley’s practice is in Kenilworth, Cape Town. 


082 828 5917


Diane  Burger 

 My  role at Paedspal is Family Counselling, so I work mainly with the adults involved with our young patients, but also older sibs/ relatives( i.e. Older teenagers)

I have a small pvt practice & also accept referrals from  Chariot Health in that pvt capacity 

I am happy to receive enquiries via my cell phone number : 083 460 4354